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Who we are

NAJARU Services s.r.o. is the company of family character focused on quality area, consulting, consulting tailor-made services in different areas, special services in the Czech and Slovak environment as well as internationally.

NAJARU Services s.r.o.

The impetus for the creation of this company gave various domestic and foreign companies, where its founder and auxiliary members of the founding companies have built up a good reputation in the professional activities, which they offer and also the lack of professionals on work market have asked for more and more projects.
We are a group of professionals coming from areas not only the automotive industry but also other industries, commerce and various services.
We focus on the outcome and quality services are our priority. Therefore, we build long-term relationships with its clients.
Our principle: Listen, Understand, Solve

What we make

Services in quality area, consulting services in the areas of quality, specialized services, welding and metalwork, other various services.

Services in quality area and consulting services in the areas of quality

In the area of quality we offer short-term cooperation, long-term cooperation, external cooperation, one-time services and consulting, services and outsourcing. We cover: supplier quality, customer quality, projects quality, internal quality, system quality, crisis management.

Special services

Tailor-made services for customer in different areas such projects, brokering, audits etc.

Welding and metalwork

We provide welding and metalwork, including special services.

Contact us

NAJARU Services s.r.o.

Our contact:,

Our telephone contact: +420 739 105 288

With us you can speak English, German, Czech, Russian, Slovak

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